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CO Catalytic Combustion Equiment For VOC




The organic gas adsorption-desorption concentration and catalytic purification device is a series of high-efficiency and energy-saving products that have been developed by our company for many years. It has been confirmed by many users to reach a more advanced level.

The device is designed according to two basic principles of adsorption (high efficiency) and catalytic combustion (energy saving), using two gas paths for continuous operation, one catalytic combustion chamber, and two or more adsorption beds alternately used.

The organic waste gas is first adsorbed by activated carbon, and when it reaches saturation, the adsorption is stopped, and then the organic matter is desorbed from the activated carbon by a hot gas stream to regenerate the activated carbon; the desorbed organic matter has been concentrated (the concentration is increased by more than ten times) it is sent to the catalytic combustion chamber for catalytic combustion into a carbon dioxide machine water vapor discharge.

When the concentration of the organic waste gas reaches 2000 ppm or more, the organic waste gas re-catalytic bed can be maintained naturally without external heating. Part of the exhaust gas after combustion is discharged into the atmosphere, and most of it is sent to the adsorption bed for the regeneration of activated carbon.

This can meet the heat energy required for combustion and desorption, and achieve energy saving. The activated carbon after regeneration can enter the next adsorption; during desorption, the purification operation can be carried out by another adsorption bed, which is suitable for both continuous operation and intermittent operation.




Ø There is a fire and dust removal system before and after the catalytic purification device, and a pressure relief system is arranged at the top of the device.

Ø There are static elimination devices inside and outside the equipment, and lightning protection devices are installed in the high-altitude pipelines.

Ø A multi-point temperature control point is set in the device, and an automatic alarm system is provided, and an over-temperature automatic cooling system is provided.

Ø The equipment is equipped with fan overload protection, over-temperature protection, and fire interlock protection. There is a safety fire-proof valve at the entrance of the equipment. When high temperature occurs, the fire-proof valve will open automatically.

Ø When the control box monitoring system malfunctions or fails during desorption, the temperature controller will automatically stop heating when the alarm occurs, and the cold charging system will automatically open. When the desorbing fan is running, the fault suddenly occurs. The heating system and the fan are interlocked. Automatically stops, and the cooling system automatically turns on and starts the inline system.

Ø During the desorption process, 97% of nitrogen was injected in an abbreviated manner. After the desorption process was completed, 97% of nitrogen was injected into the activated carbon adsorption bed to eliminate the safety hazard caused by spontaneous combustion of the activated carbon itself.


It is mainly used for the purification and deodorization of harmful organic waste gases volatilized or leaked in coating, printing, electromechanical, home appliances, shoes, plastics, and various chemical workshops. It is suitable for lower concentration and should not be used for direct combustion or the organic waste gas which is catalyzed by combustion and adsorbed and recovered, especially for the treatment of large air volume, can obtain satisfactory economic and environmental benefits.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of spray paint room, dust removal equipment, electrostatic powder spraying equipment,VOCs and relevant production work.

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