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Car Spary Booth


Car Spray Booth


Car Spray BoothCar Spray BoothCar Spray BoothCar Spray Booth

Car Spray Booth

Product Working Principle

It mainly undertakes the painting and baking work of the workpiece, so that the surface of the workpiece forms a dense corrosion-resistant film layer and has good appearance quality to improve the anti-corrosion performance and decorative performance of the product.

The car paint room has the functions of ventilation, lighting, air purification, heating, heating up and heat preservation, paint mist treatment, and also has fault alarm and exhaust gas treatment functions.
When painting: (Winter can be heated to 10 °C by heater), the external air is filtered by the primary filter cotton of the air inlet, then sent by the fan to the static pressure chamber at the top of the paint room, and then purified by the top filter cotton and then enter the paint room.
In the workspace, the airflow forms a wind curtain around the workpiece from top to bottom.
The paint mist particles generated during the painting cannot stay in the air but rapidly decrease with the airflow.
Then, under the action of the exhaust fan, the airflow is discharged from the exhaust air passage through the bottom environmental protection treatment.
When baking: the external fresh air is filtered by the fan through the primary filter, and then exchanges heat with the heat exchanger and then sent to the static pressure chamber at the top of the paint booth, and then filtered through the filter for secondary filtration, and the hot air is sent to the grill. In the room, after being discharged from the bottom, through the internal circulation of the damper, in addition to sucking in a small amount of fresh air, most of the hot air is continuously heated and used, and sent to the inside of the baking room, so that the temperature in

the baking room is gradually increased.
When the temperature reaches the set temperature, the burner automatically stops.
When the temperature drops to 4 °C ~ 5 °C below the set temperature, the fan, and burner are automatically turned on so that the temperature in the baking room is kept constant.
Finally, when the baking time reaches the set time, the baking room will automatically shut down and the baking finishes.

Car Spray BoothCar Spray Booth

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of spray paint room, dust removal equipment, electrostatic powder spraying equipment,VOCs and relevant production work.

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