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Prevention and control inspection

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-07-03      Origin: Site

What is the amount of activated carbon in the facility?" "A total of 3 layers, 1.5 tons. ”

“How much is the gas emissions?” “9.8 cubic meters per minute.”

“Is the activated carbon replaced?” “No, it was installed last September, and I plan to change it in May.” “Be sure to check and replace it in time.”

On April 17, the Law Enforcement Inspection Team of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress came to Zhengsheng Precision Molding (Qingdao) Co., Ltd. for inspection. The company was investigated for the discharge of pungent gas. After that, the company added activated carbon gas purification and air-conditioning facilities in the production workshop to treat odor gas emissions. In this law enforcement inspection, the inspection team believes that the activated carbon in the purification facilities added by the company needs to be replaced on time according to the actual situation to achieve the treatment effect.

Air quality is related to the well-being of the people, and enjoying the blue sky and white clouds is an urgent expectation of the broad masses of the people. In order to fully understand the main contradictions and practical difficulties in the prevention and control of air pollution in our province, and provide a reliable basis for the improvement of the quality of the atmospheric environment in accordance with the law, from April 16th, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress will form six law enforcement inspection teams, each with one The deputy director led the team to carry out the full coverage law enforcement inspection of the 17 cities of the province on the implementation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution and the Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Air Pollution in Shandong Province.

It is understood that this is the fifth consecutive year that the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress has supervised environmental protection and air pollution prevention and control issues since 2014. "In the past four years, the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress has conducted special enquiries twice, and has followed up for four consecutive years. This year, the air pollution prevention and control law enforcement inspections and special enquiries have been included in the work of the Standing Committee." Zhang Chuanting, chairman of the Provincial People's Congress It is said that the "one law of air pollution prevention" is rich in content, clear in regulations, and covers a wide range. It is closely linked with the relevant provisions of the State Council's 'Atmosphere Ten' and can be called 'strict' environmental laws and regulations. Implementation, or poor implementation, the best law is a piece of paper."

In order to supervise the effective implementation of laws and regulations, this law enforcement inspection adheres to the problem-oriented, does not follow the well-planned “route”, does not look at the carefully prepared “bonsai”, randomly determines the spot check site according to the list of questions provided by each city, and checks the feedback from the central environmental protection inspector. Implementation of rectification, implementation of "one law and one case" of air pollution prevention and implementation of relevant policies, implementation of pollution prevention and responsibility, strengthening of law enforcement and supervision, promotion of joint prevention and control of regional joint defense, strengthening of comprehensive management, adjustment and optimization of industrial structure and energy Structure and elimination of backward production capacity, environmental information monitoring and publicity and heavy pollution weather warning response.

“How is the opinion given by the experts implemented?” “How long does the third-party inspection take place?” “How is the leak detection carried out, and how is the work carried out?” “How is the cost after the coal is changed to gas?”... In the law enforcement inspection, the inspectors carefully check Detailed inquiry and careful record. The pollutant index rebounded, the pollution of the ship port became increasingly prominent, and the comprehensive rectification work continued to be insufficient. The inspection team reported a series of questions to the local party committee and government, and required enterprises to strengthen the operation and management level of the pollution control facilities to ensure various pollutions. The object is discharged.

"At present, the situation of air pollution prevention and control in our province is still grim. There is still a big gap between the average concentration of PM2.5 and PM10 and the expectation of the masses. Only Weihai City has reached the second level of environmental air quality, and the air pollution prevention and control work remains. There are a lot of 'short boards' and problems," said Wang Ande, director of the provincial environmental protection department.

Wang Ande made a specific analysis. First, the energy structure is irrational, the total coal consumption is large, the task of controlling coal-fired pollution is arduous, and the problem of loose coal pollution is prominent. Second, the industrial structure is biased, and the proportion of high-energy-consuming industries and heavy-duty industries is high. The characteristics of compound pollution caused by heavy industrial structure are gradually emerging. Third, the number of motor vehicles is large, especially the number of diesel vehicles is the highest. The production and use of agricultural machinery and some construction machinery are high, and the pollution control of mobile sources is weak. Fourth, the comprehensive rectification work of 10 non-transmission channel cities “scattering pollution” enterprises and coal-fired small boilers is quite different from that of 7-channel cities. Fifth, the average ozone concentration in the province has increased year by year, and has been in 2017. In the first place, due to the lag of the formation mechanism and cause research and analysis, the current emission reduction control measures have not achieved much. "We will use this law enforcement inspection as an opportunity to coordinate the work of 'compressing coal, controlling gas, controlling vehicles, suppressing dust, and increasing green' to ensure that the air quality in our province will be improved by about 50% in 2020 compared with 2013. Win the blue sky to defend the battle."

The reporter learned that, in the next step, the law enforcement inspection team will analyze the situation and outstanding problems found on the inspection, see the essence through the phenomenon, study the specific measures and measures to solve the problem, make suggestions and suggestions, and form a law enforcement inspection report. . The Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee meeting will listen to the provincial government's report on the implementation of the central environmental protection supervision feedback and the implementation of the province's environmental conditions and environmental protection objectives, as well as the provincial People's Congress Standing Committee Law Enforcement Inspection Group on the implementation of air pollution prevention and control in the province. The inspection report of one case of the law, and a joint group meeting was held to conduct a special inquiry on the environmental protection work.

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of spray paint room, dust removal equipment, electrostatic powder spraying equipment,VOCs and relevant production work.

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