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Mingji Industry Zone, Zouping City, Shandong Province, China

Welding Fume Extractor




When the number of welding stations increases, the dust of multiple working points needs to be collected and purified.
Our company can design and install the overall system according to the requirements of the customer's site.
The central welding fume purification series products are suitable for large-scale riveting workshops such as automobile manufacturing plants, vehicle manufacturers, containers, machining, machinery parts, and other manufacturing warehouses.
The welding fume purifier uses a cash filtration technology that provides a perfect solution for untreated welding fumes.
Designed to capture welding fumes, soot cleaners serve users who need to purify soot.
Before the welding fumes enter the welder's breathing zone, the soot purifier can capture it at the dust-producing point.
The filter element further captures these hazardous sub-micron particles on the surface of the nanofiber membrane to prevent it from being blown into the factory air.



The centralized & movable welding fume extractor is used for collecting the smoke, dust, rare material and precious materials during the process of welding, polishing, cutting and grinding. It could purify the small harmful particles in the air, to reduce the harm to workers.
1) Argon arc welding;                                                                                           
2) Electric-arc welding;                                                                                       
3) Carbon-dioxide arc welding;                                                                                
4) Electric slag pressure welding;                                                                             
5) Oxygen-acetylene Gas Welding;                                                                             
 Flash butt welding ultrasonic welding;                                                                               
7) Other Welding Process.

1) Movable: Could move into any corner in the workshop.
2) Equipped with swivel caster, easy to locate and move.
3) An excellent filtration rate could remove 99% smoke and dust, the purified air could be exhaust into the workshop directly.
4) PTFE filter, durable and high filtration rate.

5) Soft air inlet hose could stop in any position.

High Precision: It adopts high-efficiency imported nanofiber filter material and polyester film filter cartridge to fully meet indoor discharge standards. Indoor air can be circulated to avoid the waste of indoor cooling/heat energy.
Targeted: smoke can be removed from the place where the smoke occurs, greatly increasing the collection rate of the smoke, directly capturing the dust at the source, in one step;
Wide Range of Fields: through the replacement of filter materials, can be satisfied with the collection and treatment of various metal soot, industrial dust;
Safety: The inside of the purifier adopts the third protective measure against fire hazards and large particle slag. The motor adopts an anti-burnout overload circuit, which makes the purifier longer and safer and more reliable.




Under the suction of centrifugal fan, waste welding air will be absorbed into air inlet via a cloud of swivel dust collecting hood.
There's fire arrester at the air inlet, the spark will be stocked by fire arrester, and the waste welding smoke goes into sedimentation chamber.
Under gravity and up forwarding airflow, heavy dust falls into ash hopper directly, and tiny dust will be captured on the outer surface of the cartridge filter.
Clean airflow into the cleaning room and will filter by activated carbon.
Finally, the clean air will be exhaust into the workshop.



Since its establishment, the company has been committed to the research and development of spray paint room, dust removal equipment, electrostatic powder spraying equipment,VOCs and relevant production work.

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Mingji Industry Zone, Zouping          City,  Shandong Province, China
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